Artisanal PV

Solar PV, bland and thought of as purely utilitarian. It’s hard to imagine something that is so potentially vital to the future habitability of our planet that nonetheless has had minimal attention paid to aesthetics… Artisanal PV is a project that aims to address the very issue of making solar more interesting. Our purpose is to reimagine how we integrate solar PV into our lived in environments.


Dahl Perspective 2
Dahlgren Ground Mount

Inspired by the artist Jacob Dahlgren's installation at the Wanas Sculpture Park in Sweden. The initial attempt to rethink what a solar array might look like.

Maggie Carport PV
Maggie's Carport

Almost all designs for Solar Carports are pretty boring, functional ignoring aesthetics. Our first design borrows from the Wilkinson Eyre design for Maggie's Center.

Stayed Tuned

We are quite literally just getting started so please stayed tuned, come back to visit and see how this project develops. Should be interesting.

Rails, Frames, Connections

Our focus is primarily on developing new solar rail, frame and connection systems that will enable a wider range structures to be built and creating a library of carports and pergolas for residential and small scale commercial use.